The 12 Week Lisse Desigh Blowdry Happy Hair Treatment is now available at Ross Adams Salon in Tallaght


Frizz free hair for up to 12 weeks in Just 1 hour , that’s what ALFAPARF Milano is promising with their new salon exclusive Keratin smoothing system.

Using Babassu oil form the Amazon, and a special patented formulation called kera-collagen complex with Glycolic acid, leaves the hair with 58% more manageability instantly, and humidity abay.

veloped new improved treatments to reduce volume and frizz. Alfaparf  has developed a large range of professional hair treatment products, with the highest possible concentration of ingredients to deliver the result our customers expect: a vibrant and healthy hair.


    MORE ABOUT SIGNATURE BLOWDRY.   Industry insiders say up to seven out of 10 women are not satisfied with their look and would like to have more manageable and frizz-free hair every day.  The market’s answer to the problem of manageable and frizz-free hair has been a whole range of Keratin smoothing products all coming at the problem from a specific angle: some to remove the frizz-effect, others to develop and define curls, while other Keratin-based lines worked to achieve that always desirable smooth, natural wave or light movement. ALFAPARF, the Milan-based hair care company, set its world-renowned product development and research team the daunting task of developing a Keratin treatment that retained the active ingredients and effectiveness but didn’t just address one specific problem like frizziness or curl definition. The experts at ALFAPARF asked the million-dollar question: what if Keratin could be made flexible enough to give women the freedom to choose the form they have always yearned for? That was the question. And the news from Milan is that they’ve come up with what looks likely to be a million-selling answer.

What does the Lisse Design Keratin treatment do?

  • De-Frizzes Hair
  • Reduces Curls
  • Smooths Hair
  • Makes Hair Easier to Manage
  • Gives Hair a Protein Injection
  • Repairs Damaged Hair
  • Makes Hair Feel and Look Healthy
  • Leaves Hair Revitalized & Rejuvenated
  • Gives Hair a Natural Silky Shine
  • Helps Hair Growth
  • Strengthens Hairs
  • Can be applied to ALL Hair Types
  • Made up of Natural Ingredients such as Keratin and 15 Amino Acids
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Does Not Damage or Alter Hairs Structure
  • No Fumes
  • Lasts up to 12 Weeks

How long does the treatment take to apply?

The average time for a Lisse Design Keratin Treatment to be applied is 1 hour, but this does depend on the length and thickness of hair.

Do I wash out the treatment that day?

No, we recommend that you leave the  Lisse Design Keratin Treatment in the hair for at least 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours. You can however wash out after 1 hour, the treatment however will not last the full 12 weeks if you do this.

Will Treatments Straighten hair?

Yes, however  Lisse Design Keratin Treatments are not designed for straightening hair, they are a hair de-frizzing treatment that will naturally straighten hair up to 50-60% depending on hair type and length.