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We would like to welcome new clients to one of the best hair salons in Tallaght, Ross Adams Hair & Beauty Salon.

We are honoured and proud to have been picked amongst the 2019 All Star Business Awards, we appreciate all of our customers for trusting in our work and we’ll definitely keep it up!

Ross Adams is now using Easydry for all our clients!

Easydry is a next-generation, super-absorbent fabric that uses the latest technological innovations in textile design to create luxurious disposable towels and other products that are recyclable and biodegradable and which offer the highest possible levels of hygiene. Made using eco-friendly processes and without the use of chemicals, they provide a sustainable.

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The Ross Adams Hair & Beauty Salon provides a great customer experience for it’s clients with this simple and interactive app, helping them feel beautiful and look great.

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Always love me hair and girls always put great effort in to there clients. Really happy!


Matthew was amazing! He gave me a very detailed account of hair care while he was cutting, things that I would have never been aware of. He was very fun and encouraged me to do a boho blow dry when I was really sure what to do. It turned out great! He was great to chat to too! Very happy with the experience!


Love my hair. Colour is perfect and left with loads of tips for managing my hair at home. Delighted as always!


16Years in Bussines
12540Satisfied Customers
10450Refreshments Served

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Olaplex Homecare

See in our new blog post how you can use Olaplex for your home care routine after getting ready in the salon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Services & Prices

 Balayage/Ombre not included Root Tintfrom €90
Colour & Highlights€55
Few Meche€21
Full Head Highlights Long€90
Full Head on Short€69
Half Head Highlights€57
Root Touch Up€43

Technical Services do not include a cut & blow dry

Cut & Blowdry Long€48
Cut & Blowdry Short€45
Manager Cut & Blowdry€50
Students Cut10% OFF (Monday-Friday)
Young Person’s Cut (under 18)€31.50
Child’s Cut & Blow-dry (under 12)€27
Gents Cut€20
Child’s Trim€16
Blow-dry Curlyfrom €32
Blow-dry Long€26
Boho blow-dry€32
Blow-dry Short€23
12 Week Blow-dry€157
Extensions Blow-dry€32
Treatment From€10
GHD Curls€30
Wedding Hair Trial€55

Beauty Salon Open Wednesday – Saturday

 Make-Up Application€25
 Make-Up Application incl. strip lashes€33
 Eye Make-Up€18

Beauty Salon Open Wednesday – Saturday


Microblading Brows€350 (Deposit: €50 / First Visit: €200 / 2nd Visit: €100)
Fusion Brows€380 (Deposit: €50 / First Visit: €200 / 2nd Visit: €130)
Touch up€200
Upper eyeliner€180 (Deposit: €50 / First Visit: €80 / 2nd Visit: €50)
Upper and lower eyeliner€250 (Deposit: €50 / First Visit: €120 / 2nd Visit: €80)
Lip pigmentation ombre/Blush€350 (Deposit: €50 / First Visit: €200 / 2nd Visit: €100)
Touch up€200
Back Massage€35
Indian Head Massage€35
Full Body Massage€65
File and Polish€15
Mini Manicure€25
Luxury Manicure€40
Shellac/Gel Polish€25
Add Shellac/Gel Polish€10
Full Set of clear/pink gel€40
Refills of clear/pink gel€30
Gel overlay on natural nails€30
Gel Removal€25
Nail repair€5 per nail
Add shellac/gel polish€10


Add french/ombre€5
Add Nail Art€30
Shellac/Gel Polish removal€5
Shellac/Gel Polish removal and shape€8
Shellac/gel Polish removal, shape and strenghthener€10
IBX strenghthen treatment€10
IBX repair and strenghthen treatment€15
Full Body crazy angel€20
Half Body crazy angel€13
Full Body Moroccan€25
Half Body Moroccan€18
File and Polish€18
Shellac/Gel Polish€28
Shellac/Gel Polish (hands and toes)€50
Mini Pedicure€23
Classic Pedicure€35
Luxury Pedicure€50
Add Callus Peel€10
Add Shellac/Gel Polish€10
Upper lip/chin€10
Eyebrows and Upper lip/chin€20
Eyebrows, Upper lip and chin€28
Sides of face€15
Full face incl. Eyebrows€45
Full Legs€35
3/4 leg€30
Half legs upper/lower€25
Forearm/half arm€15
Full arms€25
Basic Bikini (just the sides)€20
Add basic bikini to any of the leg treatments€10
Add Full Legs to any of the above€25
Add 3/4 legs to any of the above€20
Add half legs to any of the above€15
Skin Fitness Plan€10
Skin Solver€10
Proskin30 Express facial treatment€35
Proskin60 The ultimate treatment€60
Expert Active Intensive resurfacing treatment€89




Eye Trio€30
Mina Henna Brows€45
Mina Henna Brows€40
Threading/waxing/tweezing and shaping€12
Threading/waxing/tweezing, shaping and tinting€20
Mina Henna Brows€35
Mina Henna Brows (maintenance)€30
Eyelashes tinting€13
Strip lashes€12
Bulb lashes€20
Eyelashes extensions mascara mink lashes€60
Eyelashes extensions classic€80
Eyelashes extensions refills€50
Yumi Lashes€65
Upper lip/chin€10
Eyebrows and Upper lip/chin€20
Eyebrows, Upper lip and chin€28
Sides of face€15
Full face incl. Eyebrows€45

Preparing for your big day has just got a whole lot easier! wedding hairstyle look with our
hair stylists
make-up artists
nail technicians
and book your customised trial appointment.
Our stylists and make-up artists have a wealth of experience in
wedding hair
wedding make-up
and can help you come up with ideas and plan your look for the day.

We have a range of bridal packages available to cater to all of your wedding requirements.

Please call 01 462 1827 or email rossadam@eircom.net for more information and pricing quotations
Bridal Pricelist
Beauty & The Bride

Please call 01 462 1827 or email rossadam@eircom.net for more information.
Wedding Hair Menu

Bridal Upstyle (in salon)
Bridal Upstyle (out of salon)
Bridesmaids Upstyle (in salon)
Bridesmaid Upstyle (out of salon)
Mother of the Bride Blow Dry
Bridal Hair Trial

The 12 Week Lisse Design Blowdry Happy Hair Treatment is now available at Ross Adams Salon in Tallaght

Frizz free hair for up to 12 weeks in Just 1 hour, that’s what ALFAPARF Milano is promising with their new salon exclusive Keratin smoothing system.

Developed with new improved treatments to reduce volume and frizz.


ALFAPARF, the Milan-based hair care company, set its world-renowned product development and research team the daunting task of developing a Keratin treatment that retained the active ingredients and effectiveness but didn’t just address one specific problem like frizziness or curl definition. The experts at ALFAPARF asked the million-dollar question: what if Keratin could be made flexible enough to give women the freedom to choose the form they have always yearned for? That was the question. And the news from Milan is that they’ve come up with what looks likely to be a million-selling answer.

What does the Lisse Design Keratin treatment do?

De-Frizzes Hair
Reduces Curls
Smooths Hair
Makes Hair Easier to Manage
Gives Hair a Protein Injection
Repairs Damaged Hair
Makes Hair Feel and Look Healthy
Leaves Hair Revitalized & Rejuvenated
Gives Hair a Natural Silky Shine
Helps Hair Growth
Strengthens Hairs
Can be applied to ALL Hair Types

Formaldehyde Free
Does Not Damage or Alter Hairs Structure
No Fumes
Lasts up to 12 Weeks

How long does the treatment take to apply?


Do I wash out the treatment that day?


Will Treatments Straighten hair?


We now do Racoon Extensions, contact us for more information

Racoon Extensions Removal €60

Racoon hair in Recovery Application €630

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